Welcome to Maplebeck Tree Care!

ClientsMaplebeck tree care offer all aspects of arboricultural management, with all works undertaken by a devoted team of specialised arboriculturalists employing latest industry practices and principles, our work ranges from domestic projects through to larger residential and commercial schemes.

We combine years of experience, with continuous professional development and relevant qualifications. Using practices that minimize damage to the environment. Incorporating all aspects of conservation and habitat creation ensuring our place at the peak of our industry.

We work in accordance with current industry best practice.

Maplebeck Tree Care is covered by £5 million public liability insurance.

We provide a comprehensive service to survey, make application and gain relevant consent:

  • Conservation Area
  • Planning Procedure
  • Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
  • Covenant

Our comprehensive services:

  • Crown reduction
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown lifting
  • Pollarding
  • Monolith
  • Tree removal
  • Formative pruning
  • Assess and treat significant decay/cavities
  • Assess and treat weak structures


Naturally Dried Hardwood Woodchip

Stihl Lithium Ion Chainsaws

 Wood2  Saw2
Maplebeck Tree Care is pleased to sell “Naturally dried hardwood woodchip” at a cost of £40 per bag including delivery.

Get in touch today using the contact form or alternatively give us a call on 07837 048542 to take advantage of this great offer.


Lawn Mower Services Ltd


Local supplier P S Marsden (Lawn Mower Services Ltd). Good old Jeff supplying new chipper complete with ribbons.

Maplebeck Tree Care is structured in such a way that it endeavours to uphold the integrity of the profession of Arboriculture. Therefore, we are constantly evolving with the times; providing our clients with a professional service; helping to secure our environment for future generations and ensure that our clients are not penalised by additional cost that have been incurred by capital investments.

These saws are mutually beneficial for the client, arborist and environment.

Undoubtedly, this transition will be welcomed by those who are looking at having works carried out in noise sensitive areas.



  • Sub 85 dB(A)
  • Less pollutant; using less chain oil and a more efficient source of energy
  • Less noise pollution thus less offensive in noise sensitive areas
  • No ear defenders required


  • Typically 120 + dB(A)
  • More pollutant
  • Increased vibration