Wings School

Work undertaken at an Institution.

Wings School – Kirklington Hall, Kirklington, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG22 8NB.


Chapter of Southwell Minster

Necessary works undertaken on behalf of the Chapter of Southwell Minster to boundary trees to remove overhanging branches of the highway and footpath located at Vicars Court, Southwell.

Individual trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants are all living organisms that can in some instances cause obstruction to the Highway, traffic signs and streetlights.

Legislation in the Highway requires the following clearances:

Footpaths  –  2.1m height clearance

Road  –  5.2m height clearance


Rushcliffe Borough Council – Hawksworth Parish

“Throughout the village there are attractive open spaces which contribute to views of positive buildings and allow for views of the surrounding countryside. On the approaches to the village hedgerows combine with grass verges and occasional trees to provide a rural character. The churchyard and grounds of Hawksworth Place are particularly prominent at the centre of the village and include a number of attractive mature trees and well-kept lawned areas. Similarly the grounds to the rear of Hawksworth Manor and the paddocks around Top Farm, Ivy House Farm and Yew Tree Farm help to link the village’s spaces to the surrounding countryside.” Conservation area appraisal and management plan.   

The survey area consists of a semi neglected grass land with a mixed variety of trees and hedges marking the boundary. The land is approximately 2.115 m2 in the heart of Hawksworth village. Hawksworth is a Rushcliffe Borough Council Conservation Area.

Adjacent to the East side of the plot is the highway, the visibility on the highway has been diminished by the obstruction of encroaching vegetation from boundary trees and hedges. It is my understanding that an ilex aquifolium (Holly) hedge was planted to form a boundary line, which has since been suppressed by weeds, it is evident even from a quick glance that the hedge has been neglected.


Hough On The Hill


Maplebeck Tree Care holds the New Road and Street Works Act 1991 ticket, which is required in order to work in the highway as road space needs to be allocated and Chapter 8 signing lighting and guarding put in place before commencing works.